Your Security and Privacy is our #1 Priority

Our site uses the latest encryption technologies to protect your personal and private information. We do not sell any of your information to third parties. We will never ask for your account password, e-mail or any other personal accounts.

Keep Your Guard Up

Any system is only as secure as its weakest point. Usually, the weakest point is not the technology, but the people using the technology. Hackers continuously develop new scams to lure unsuspecting victims to click on links to steal your information. These are known as "phishing" techniques. Please view this article from Malwarebytes to learn more about scams and how to protect yourself -

Make Sure You See a Padlock or https:// in Your Browser

The information between your device (smartphone, desktop, laptop, etc.) and our server ( is always encrypted (secure). On a smartphone, the address bar in your browser should always have a padlock followed by our company name - Thumbs At Play, Inc. On a desktop or laptop, the address bar varies slightly between browsers as you can see in the image below.

Have Fun Shopping!

We want you to have a safe AND fun shopping experience. Please contact us if you have further questions about our security measures.