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Living Dead Dolls

Living Dead Dolls Presents - IT 1990 Pennywise


"Want a balloon?" He's every nightmare you've ever had, your worst dream come true. He's everything you ever were afraid of. He's Pennywise the clown, and now he's a Living Dead Doll. From the depths of the sewers beneath Derry comes the terrifying...

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Living Dead Dolls Presents The Exorcist Regan Doll


The Exorcist burst onto the cinematic scene in 1973 and quickly cemented its place in film history as the 1st horror film nominated for an Academy Award.  The film tells the terrifying story of the demonic possession of a young girl and her Mother's...

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Living Dead Dolls Series 32 - Set of 5


October once again draws near, The brisk night air is filled with fear, Five walk in shadow, 'Neath the glow of the moon, Series 32 is coming soon. The Living Dead Dolls celebrate their favorite holiday with a tribute to Halloweens of yesteryear. With...

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Living Dead Dolls Series 33 - Set of 5


Welcome to Moulin Morgue the Mill Morgue, where the elite and the informed gather for an evening of cabaret and carnage. Here, the girls are beautiful and the razors sharp. Our theatre troupe combines the lavish decadence of the Moulin Rouge with the...

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Living Dead Dolls Series 34 - Set of 5


The time has come to tell a tale...Welcome to the picturesque town of Wassen Hole, East Dakota. It's a quiet place with a secretive past, a past with terrible secrets that have been long buried. But some things refuse to stay buried forever and in Wassen...

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