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Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings Elrond Ring Bearer Mini Bust


Elrond was the guardian of the Elven city of Rivendale and father of Arwen. He's shown here as he presented the sword Anduril to Aragorn. The Elrond mini-bust has a special compartment built into its base for storing your keepsakes. Stands 7 inches tall...

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Lord Of the Rings Gandalf Mini Bust


Thought lost after his cataclysmic duel with the Balrog, Gandalf returns from beyond fire and death to muster the forces of light. On his return the wizard sheds his grey mantle and takes up the title of Gandalf the White. Stands 7.5 inches tall...

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Lord Of The Rings Saruman Animaquette


Saruman, once a force for good, teamed up with Sauron to throw all of Middle-earth into darkness and evil - creating the evil Uruk-hai and imprisoning Gandalf. Stands 10 inches tall Includes a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity Painted and ready...

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Lord Of The Rings Saruman Mini Bust


Saruman was the wizard in charge of Isengard, but he was lured into doing the bidding of the evil lord Sauron. This detailed sculpt shows Saruman using the Palantir to communicate with Sauron. The limited edition Saruman mini-bust has a light-up Palantir...

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Lord Of The Rings Sauron Ring Bearer Mini Bust


Disembodied when the One Ring was cut from his hand, the Dark Lord Sauron became a shadowy echo of his former self. As the manifestation of all that is evil, the will of the Dark Lord Sauron poses the ultimate threat to peace in Middle-earth. His spirit...

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Lord Of The Rings Snaga Ring Bearer Mini Bust


Orcs are vile, black-blooded creatures, the chosen slaves of the Dark Lord Sauron, bred in ancient days from corrupted elves and turned to evil, their wills enslaved. Snaga, a scout in the band of Orcs that captured Merry and Pippen at Amon Hen, was the...

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Lord Of The Rings Twilight Ringwraith Animaquette


Once they were great kings of men, but they were deceived by Sauron, and now the Ringwraiths are creatures of the twilight world. To most they appear as black-robed figures on horseback, but wearing the One Ring Frodo sees them in their true form:...

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